Art and Culture

We run a Cultural Exchange Program that engages Artists in the creation of artistic work for exhibition and sharing all over Africa. Its first leg was done in October 2018 with the theatrical production dubbed "Random Stories of Kauzi" being show cased in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. We have also done cultural ex- changes with artists coming from Ethiopia, South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and vice versa. We are the Curating partner of the Sudan Cultural Festival, which is a celebra- tion of the contribution of art in building peace and conserving culture. Some of our artistshave also performed in Festivals like Ubumuntu Arts festival (Rwanda), Vuga Festival (Bu- rundi) and Nyegenyege in Uganda. We also hold capacity building Human Centred Design trainings for artists, creative writing, Performance and personal development. We also run a YouTube series called InsideOut project that aims at empowering, educating and entertain- ing through the use of arts.